Make the Most of Your New Job or First Internship

STC Direct Make the Most of your First Job Internship

Getting your first job or an internship creates a very good feeling and opportunity to put into practice what you learned in college. But measuring up to the expected standards of your employers can prove to be a hard nut to crack. Doing things as required of you and staying ahead on every project you are allocated requires persistence and determination among many other things. And to help you make the most of that first job or internship you got, here are the 10 most important things you need to do to get the most out of it:

1. Always Show Confidence
Your confidence matters above all else. It is what speaks most about you on how you approach new and scary situations and how you cope with problems you meet along your way. You should always have confidence in everything you do. Show people you are up for anything that is in your way, even though you have not fully adapted to the company’s systems and strategies. Show them you are eager to learn and ready to make a big difference in the company. Be humble but aggressive in every project you are allocated.

2. Learn to Live With Rejection
At first, never expect all of your colleagues to like you and spend much of their time with you. No one knows you and none of them is willing to get close to you until they’ve gotten to know you. This means you may find yourself alone during lunch breaks and in the better part of your day. So in the meantime, you should busy yourself in working hard to earn their confidence by working hard and making progressive changes in the company. Always aim to make your work stand out perfectly, and you will win the favor of most people.

3. Learn Systems Quickly
As with every company, there are systems that are followed by every worker. And as a newbie, you should make sure you adapt to these systems in the first few weeks. This will help you to not feel out of place and help you work better with other employees. Make sure you know what happens when and how it happens. Such aspects help you to go with the company’s flow easily and efficiently. And this will help you dispatch the fear of doing things you are not sure of.

4. Ask When You’re Stranded
All people understand that as a new person there are things at a new job where you may need direction and clarification. So if you come to a point where you are not sure of what to do, feel free to ask for help. Go to a colleague you feel comfortable with and ask him or her to chime in. This way you will be able to work better and strengthen your relationship with other employees.

5. It’s Okay to Make a Few Mistakes
Almost all people want to do everything perfect, meet deadlines, stand out, work strictly under the set terms and conditions and never fail in any of that. Well, it’s okay to be ambitious and determined, but you should give yourself some allowance for a few mistakes. It doesn’t mean you make silly mistakes that you can avoid, but understand you’ll make mistakes here and there that are unavoidable. And as you do your work you should try to learn from the mistakes and try to minimize them as days go by so that you show you are improving.

6. Exceed Your Employer’s Expectations
Proving your worth in the company as a new employee can be extremely hard at times. And to show your value you need to work extra hard. You should always seek to be two steps ahead of everyone else if possible. Make sure you report a few minutes before the regular time, be dressed more appropriately and neater, extend your working hours and anything else that will help you go above and beyond what your employer requires of you.

7. Get Yourself a Mentor
Getting by a day’s work without a mentor to guide your steps and shepherd you through the day only invites mistakes. After you get the job or an internship, the first thing you should do is to look for an insider in that field who has full knowledge of what is required and how best to deliver. With such a person, you will be able to get things done right, make wise decisions and always make your work stand out more than it should

8. Learn Email Etiquette
In the working world, emails are a major part of your life. This means you need to be always ahead with the incoming emails and make worthwhile responses soon after receiving. And as you go through the emails, you should check on the tone you are using to reply, the level of professionalism and avoid petty mistakes like punctuation and spelling. This will add up to your overall performance and make your work shine.

9. Mind Your Dress Code
In order for you to appear focused and goal oriented, always take care with your appearance. Always make sure you are neat and are in an official attire that reflects who you are and who you want to be. Make sure you avoid things like tight jeans and other clothes that may seem unprofessional. Learn the dress code and follow it, if there is one. Follow others’ lead on attire if not. Better to be overdressed than underdressed.

10. Make a Change
As you go about your new job or internship, aim at making a unique and rewarding change that will greatly benefit the organization. Look for loopholes that have been draining the company and work hard to patch them up. Make sure that the situation of the department you are entitled to is in mint condition and is operating along the best and favorable lines. Ensuring this is done will help you go a long way in the job and will earn you some trust by your coworkers and employer.

Follow these tips to get the most out of your new job or internship. You need to make sure that you work every tip to its fullest potential in order to have your efforts maximized and all the areas fully exploited to your advantage. And this way you will have succeeded in your new job.