Brian Ferguson

(Assistant Manager)

Born and raised in North Philadelphia, Brian recalls growing up a shy child who had to work at being social & outgoing by taking frequent trips to the mall with friends. When he moved to the Northwest side of Pennsylvania at 13, Brian dived into activities such as football, chess club, and even worked on his schools’ farm for 2 years (fun fact – Brian got his green thumb from his grandma). The shy boy now had the gift of gab!

At 18, when his mom gave him options to go to school, join the military, or work, Brian immediately dove into the work force with Vector Marketing. Learning the arts of persuasion, negotiation, and strategic leadership led Brian to work for Comcast for 3 years – a client that taught him about professionalism and generating results. Following Comcast, Brian spent time working with Vivint Home Security – widening his sales experience to include business-to-consumer and retail fields. He finally found his home here at STC Direct back in 2016 and received his promotion to Assistant Management in August of 2017!