Emma Hand


Born and raised in Virginia Beach, Emma Hand grew up a precocious child with a love for learning and being outside. A long distance runner, she spent her childhood and teenage years on tracks and trails after joining her school’s cross country team. A National Honor Society member, Emma garnered attention early on as 1 of 4 in her class to receive an invitation to join the state of Virginia’s Governor School. Enrolling in college classes as a sophomore in High School (impressive, we know!), Emma studied Marine Sciences and Mathematics and enrolled at Virginia Tech as a freshman with 2 years of college credit already under her belt.

An entrepreneur at heart, Emma switched her focus from math & science to business, finally choosing a major in Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Technology. From 2011-2014, she was extremely active in the business school and Greek Life, joining the social sorority Alpha Chi Omega. Before working at STC Direct, Emma worked as a Manager at a local haven shelter, helping young women with domestic violence and sexual assault prevention awareness. It was there she learned to spearhead campaigns and perfected her ability to inspire and motivate others towards a common goal.