Jake Ross

(Assistant Manager)

Jake spent the first 8 years of his life on the West Coast in California before moving closer to his mother’s family in Philadelphia! A kinetic learner, Jake always had his hands in things! Whether he was playing sports, socializing with friends, or overseeing his 3 younger brothers, he kept active and outside of the house!

He found his niche in lacrosse, playing goalie for 14 years and mastering the position so much he was scouted by local colleges! An offer to play at a D3 university brought Jake to Temple, where he spent the next few years studying Human Resources and finessing his gift. His love for people led him to pursue his interests in HR and eventually lead him to STC Direct.

Starting with the company back in June 2017, Jake was immediately dubbed “a man on a mission.” From his first month with the company, he made his goals and intentions clear. He was so passionate about his work and talked with his family so much about it that he ended up unintentionally recruiting his younger 19-year-old brother!! Together the two have brought the Ross charm to STC Direct and Jake has taken his natural “brotherly” skills and applied them to everyone in the office. He is known as one of the most caring and selfless people in our organization and serves as a mentor figure to more than just his younger sibling!

Jake states, “I chose to lead by example and action rather than words. My mentors, Justin, Emma, Brian, and Xavier showed me from the day I started with the company that actions inspire more than words and I took that to heart. I’ll never ask for something I’m not willing to do or haven’t already done myself. I think this fact alone can help anyone in any industry move ahead quicker in leadership positions.”

When he’s not in the office planning for his future, Jake loves spending time with his family, lifting weights, listening to TED Talks, and watching Black Mirror.