5 Productivity Tips from STC’s Direct Philly’s President

By Justin Sgro, President of STC Direct Philly

We’ve all been there: you feel like you’ve been working all day but have accomplished very little. The real question is what are you working on and is it helping you accomplish your daily objectives? Here at STC Direct Philly, we focus on maximizing productivity. I have come up with my 5 main productivity tips designed to help those who are looking to accomplish more tasks and the right tasks on a daily basis!

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1. Have excellent time management.

What is something you can never get back? Time. If you feel that there aren’t enough ​hours in the day or that you don’t have time to even take a break, you’re doing it wrong. Schedule everything (even your breaks – yes you should take those! I recommend a 10 min break after 90 min of interrupted work). Consider using free tools, such as google calendar or todoist, to help you stay on track.

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2. Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize!

Are you putting your big rocks first? Some of you many understand this saying, others may wonder what rocks have to do with priorities. For the latter group, I’ll catch you up to speed. If you were to try to fill a jar with a combination of big rocks and little rocks, you would have to put the big rocks in the jar first before the little rocks. The big rocks represent you high priority tasks and the little rocks are of low priority. (Dr. Steven Covey explains it best in this video)


3. Know your purpose.

If you have a clear understanding of your purpose and your “why”, you’ll notice an increase in the quality of your work. When we have meaning behind what we do, it’s amazing all that we start to accomplish.


4. Start with difficult.

Do the most difficult task you have for the day first and then everything else in the day will seem like a breeze. Mark Twain said it best, “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” Thanks for the slimy metaphor, Mr. Twain!

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5. Optimize your commute time.

Instead of stressing and thinking about the day ahead, listen to an audiobook while on the way to work. Respond to emails on the train. Talk on the phone while you walk. You can get quite a bit done during a 30 minute commute time!

Implementing these 5 productivity tips has made a vital impact on my professional life as a small business owner. I have found that it doesn’t take long to make changes that count towards increased productivity at work. Do you have your own productivity tips that have aided in your career success? Let us know!