As Dedicated As They Come: Danielle Jove’s Story

Greatness in a company starts with it’s leadership. There is UNDOUBTEDLY a correlation between companies that are productive, philanthropic, and profitable, and the executive team that drives them. At STC Direct, our greatness comes in the form of a yoga loving, world traveling, food fanatic named Danielle Jove!

A Virginia Beach native, Danielle grew up in the suburbs in what she calls “a relaxed community complete with surfers and beach goers!” The youngest sibling of two, Danielle’s parents and brothers taught her a lot about patience, hard work, and always pursuing what you truly want; it’s the reason Danielle applied to Virginia Tech’s Interior Design program with dreams of outfitting trendy night clubs.

Excelling in her major, even partaking in a year long internship with an architecture firm, Danielle soon found herself designing medical facilities and having a difficult time finding full time employment after graduation; a far cry for the glamorous night clubs and “Trading Places” like rooms she had envisioned for years. When an old friend offered her a sales position working for our client broker up in Michigan, Danielle eagerly accepted the change in scenery and work!

Moving 13 hours from home, Danielle started with the intentions of throwing her all into work and really making a difference in her career. Her results within the sales team led to an offer to work in Human Resources, and the path to STC Direct was paved. She started with the company back in 2011 and 6 years later has only grown stronger and more talented.

We asked Danielle what her favorite part about working at STC Direct is and she stated, “I love the growth process and transformation that is available to each of us. The person I am today in confidence is radically different than the person I was back in 2011.” The travel for work, too, has keep her incredibly busy & satisfied, bringing her everywhere from Dallas, Punta Cana, Vegas, San Antonio, Austin, Atlanta, Miami, Charlotte, Los Angeles, Boston, Providence, Long Island, Cherry Hill, Baltimore, Washington DC, Pittsburg, Richmond, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Nashville, Chicago, and Detroit over the last 6 years!

In 2018, with Danielle’s overseeing our entire Human Resource’s department, STC Direct will grow into an additional 5 office locations allowing Danielle to travel & train even more! With long-term goals of one day getting into bookkeeping for STC Direct and also opening a yoga studio, there is nothing we wouldn’t do to help Danielle continue to develop as a business professional and woman!

Outside of the office you can catch her with a good glass of wine, watching The Secret, discovering new restaurants around Philly, and doing hot yoga 3-4 times a week! As mindful and gracious as they come, Danielle is the epitome of great leadership inspiring others. With her continued efforts and commitment to STC Direct, we know there is no goal that we can’t hit. Danielle – we appreciate you, we adore you, and we thank you for everything that you do for our company!

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