Best Apps For Busy Professionals

The majority of app users function on a social basis, not a professional one. We scroll through Twitter for hours on end, watch influencers live their lives through Instagram, and virtually create our dream lives through a collection of Pinterest boards. Here at STC Direct, we challenge you to use this new technology to transform your career. Along with social platforms, there are hundreds if not thousands of business-related applications in the app store for professional use. To help you out, we’ve compiled a few of the best apps ready for download now for the busy professional.


Never lose a file again. Never show up to that important meeting or pitch unprepared because you brought your home laptop instead of your work laptop. Dropbox has made it easy to hold your files in one place across all of your devices. Just download the app to your phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop, and you are set. Then, as soon as a file is uploaded to your Dropbox, it is immediately accessible among every single one of your devices. This app has saved every single one of us here at STC Direct, and we know it can do the same for you.


Sick of tracking down itemized receipts from that one company dinner? Or the coffee at the airport from the business trip? Expensify has rendered all of that frustration useless. Expensify makes it easy to keep track of spending and “simplifies the expense report process.” Bottom line, this is a good app to have.


We’ve all been there. “Please fax over a signed copy of this form ASAP.” Panic. Never scramble to find a scanner or fax machine again. CamScanner is simple. You take a picture of the physical document, and not only does it edit the lighting and brightness, the app’s interface darkens the writing and text to make the document look as professional and send-able as possible. It then formats it into a pdf and sends it directly to your personal email, or to any email of your choosing. It really is that simple. Here at STC Direct, we can’t tell you how many times CamScanner has saved us in a quick crisis.


  • You’re busy, life moves quickly, mistakes happen. However, typos and misspellings are the epitome of unprofessional. Grammarly is here to save the day. Not only can it be downloaded to your computer and your phone, it works as you type to fix typos as well as grammar mistakes. Grammarly corrects everything from essays, to press releases, down to quick emails. Never make a typo again, you’ll thank us later.

Well now you know, there’s nothing else stopping you. Pick up the phone and start downloading. From all of us here at STC Direct, we wish you the best.