Saul Lopez

Saul Lopez

Assistant Manager

Saul was born in Andalusia, Spain, and lived in many cities across the United States. As a child, he was extremely introverted and a huge bookworm. During school, getting involved in sports, he played football, baseball, and wrestled and become more of an extrovert.

Saul’s interest in sports paled in comparison to his true passion, architecture. He went on to earn a degree in architecture on a full-ride scholarship. Saul gained experience as a Junior Architect and decided to open up his own business doing custom mill-work.

After seven years of running a successful business, he realized that family was more important than working 120 hours a week. After searching for a new job and seeking out related companies, he found STC Direct.

Saul’s time with the team has been nothing but positive and productive, largely in part because of the team’s mentality. The culture is one of his favorite aspects of STC Direct. His goals are to get promoted and open up his own office. His advice to others in the industry is simple, this is an opportunity for you to grow, so embrace that. There is such organic growth within the company, you just have to give it time and work hard.