Core Values

Our values define us, shape us, and guide us.

In business, a strong foundation is needed to build an organization. At STC Direct, our foundation is our values. We have 4 pillars that drive us to perform and excel – a commonality amongst all team members, despite background or experience, that unifies us. With a mission to deliver our client superior results quarter after quarter, we do so by engraining the following:

» Integrity – We commit to always do what is right when no one is looking, not what may be quick, easy or convenient.

» Sense of Urgency – We commit to work each day harder than the previous because winning today does not guarantee success tomorrow.

» Teamwork – We commit to always strive for a common goal and work together because the betterment and success of the team come before personal agenda, pride or ego.

» Personal Development – We commit to change and grow as individuals in order to help others grow. We cannot improve our business or those around us without first starting with ourselves.