Do It Like Dana: STC’s Newest Assistant Manager 🎉🎉

When we say STC Direct is a factory for opportunity, we mean it. “What do we mean by this statement,” you ask? The answer is simple. Success breeds success. Our company has come to expect a certain level of excellence in our work and people, and from that, we are easily able to develop more managers for our clients because of our higher standards – managers like Dana Wahdan!

Meet Dana Wahdan, NEWEST Assistant Manager at STC Direct and total powerhouse within our company’s Management Program. An Israeli native, Dana spent her entire childhood and adult years in her home country with her nose in a book and a passion for school! Dana’s interest in finances steered her towards receiving a Bachelors of Business Administration from Birzeit University, and her love for people led her to raise awareness and funds for female educational rights in impoverished parts of Israel.

Moving from Israel to Denver 4 years ago after years of working in the banking industry, Dana knew that she had to step out of her comfort zone and find a new career opportunity. Though she loved the financial aspects of her job, the lack of growth and advancement in troubled her. She sought a company where promotions were based on merit and performance, not on tenure and soon found that within the marketing & sales industry.

Starting with our client broker out in Denver, Dana, though confident in her work ethic, lacked confidence speaking face-to-face with new customers. Characterizing herself as shy and introverted, accepting a position in retail-based marketing & sales was totally new to her. Luckily, being the student she was, Dana applied herself to her craft and soon became the top marketing/sales representative for DirecTv (former client) month after month.

When an opportunity presented itself to relocate to King of Prussia and represent a new client, Dana jumped at the opportunity to continue furthering her leadership experience. Over the last 2 years at STC Direct, Dana has aided in interviewing, onboarding, training, team management and more. Highly respected among her peers, Dana always says she’s proof that as long as you study and work hard you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Her personal mission is to have an impact on every single person that steps foot within STC Direct’s door.

Upon news of her Assistant Management promotion, we wanted to ask Dana a few questions about her time with our company and how she achieved this new role!

Dana, what do you think makes the STC Direct organization one of a kind?

I think the management team’s experience and positive energy is one of a kind. The team combined has over 2 decades experience in the direct marketing & sales industry and is as knowledgeable as they come! That history, combined with enthusiasm, attracts great talent to our company year after year.

What advice do you have for someone just starting with STC Direct?

Work hard and have strong self-confidence. When you first start and lack the talent or know-how, replace it with how hard you’re willing to work. Also, be confident in yourself. That will also help exponentially as half of success is your mentality!

What helped you achieve this Assistant Management promotion? 

I saw myself as a sponge. I soaked up knowledge from Justin, our CEO, Brian & Jake, current Assistant Managers, and Emma, a recently promoted Manager! I listen to audio books daily (check out The Way Of The Wolf by Jordan Belfort), and I genuinely believe in the opportunity I have for growth within this company. With those mentors and beliefs, I am unstoppable!

As you can read, Dana’s humility and student mentality are the reason her professional development is continuous, and we are confident she will continue to be a driving force in STC Direct’s national expansion. Our pride in her is immense and this Assistant Management promotion is just the first of many! CONGRATS, Dana!!

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