Fifteen Things To Do in Philly

Here at STC Direct, we understand that planning a trip can be stressful. The initial shine and excitement of vacation plan quickly fade, being replaced with the overwhelming pressure to fill each day with the top landmarks and daytime activities in your destination city. We want to relieve that pressure. Headed to Philly? We’ve compiled our top fifteen things you must do on your trip, with a mix of historic finds and eclectic stops.

1. Reading Terminal Market

Philly’s farmers market on steroids, the Reading Terminal Market is home to 75+ vendors and is sure to surprise you with flavors never before encountered.

2. LOVE Sculpture

The iconic LOVE sculpture is an Instagrammers dream, might as well make a stop there and snap a few photos.

3. Liberty Bell

Everyone should see the Liberty Bell up close at least once in their life. Here at STC Direct, we think that’s all that needs to be said.

4. Schuylkill River Trail

Schuylkill River Trail is the bustling heart of Philly. You won’t spend a day there without seeing a family on a day out, a couple of teens skateboarding, or an outdoor yoga class.

5. Spruce Street Harbor Park

Feeling puckish? Head to Spruce Street for the perfect selection of boardwalk food paired with a beautiful view.

6. Independence Hall

Philadelphia is arguably our country’s most historic city, so it’s only right to pay a trip over to Independence Hall.

7. Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens

An outdoor museum experience completely created from tiny pieces of glass and ceramic pottery, the Magic Gardens are a beloved piece of this city and favored by both tourists and locals.

8. The Rocky Statue and Steps

Philly is a bucket list city for any movie buff. Don’t we all dream of running up and down those iconic steps?

9. Philadelphia Museum of Art

Philly’s quintessential museum houses pieces from Picasso, Van Gogh, Kahlo, Brancusi, and more. This is the place to go for an enriching artistic and cultural experience.

10. City Hall

Philly’s City Hall is a beautiful example of historic architecture and should be on your bucket list for that reason alone. On top of that, it’s observation deck gives a 360-degree view of Philly that you can’t get anywhere else!

11. Museum of the American Revolution

$150 million dollars goes a long way, and it shows. This highly detailed museum showcases the birth of our country in a way no other museum in the country does, and can be only be found right here in Philly!

12. Fabric Workshop and Museum

Design enthusiasts unite! Philly is home to an entire museum dedicated to fabrics and textiles, featuring sculpture, architecture, and multimedia installations.

13. Fairmount Park

Is your perfect vacation a day on a grassy field, with the wind in your hair, watching a dog fetch a frisbee, as a couple of joggers pass by? That is the daily scene at Fairmount Park, and it beckons you.

14. The Franklin Institute

The perfect family destination, The Franklin Institute is a child’s fantasy. Completely interactive and invigorating, this will take museum day to a new level.

15. Eastern State Penitentiary

Craving deep history on your trip? This penitentiary was built over 200 years ago! Today, you can walk the ruinous halls with a self-guided tour and see the place that held Al Capone.

When it comes to Philly fun, we’ve only just begun. Take things at your own pace, let this be your entire trip, or take this as a launching pad and pack your trip full of our iconic landmarks, eateries, and activities. From all of us here at STC Direct, we wish you happy travels.