How Commitment Leads to Success at STC Direct Philly

In the professional world, I have never known anyone who achieved major success by simply being just interested in what they do or what they want to do in life. The road to success is packed with people who are interested in achieving certain things…but it takes more than being interested, or even having a desire – it takes commitment to be great at something.

“Desire is the key to motivation, but it’s determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal – a commitment to excellence – that will enable you to attain the success you seek.” -Mario Andretti

Our team at STC Direct Philly is coached on many leadership skills, but commitment is a personal attribute we expect each of our team members to embody prior to beginning with our company. With an entire team committed to their own goals and professional development, we know that STC Direct Philly as a whole is bound to accomplish all of the goals set by our executive team for 2018.

With the road to excellence lined with many detours, having a team that has tunnel vision towards their goals is a must. The greatest inventors of our century experienced countless setbacks, yet these mistakes did not discourage them from their ultimate vision. Therefore, a steady passion and commitment are key to attaining any type of personal or professional growth.

At STC Direct Philly, we have huge goals for 2018 as an organization and believe that being committed to those aspirations is a team effort. Our 3 main goals include the following:

1. Creating & Maintaining a Desirable Work Atmosphere: Our team is made of up various types of individuals with a vast variety of backgrounds. STC Direct Philly’s team as a whole can be described as energetic, optimistic, and ambitious. As we offer our team realistic and obtainable promotion opportunities, we will foster a culture of healthy competition. We truly plan to embrace this diversity of our team and use it as an opportunity to exceed our client’s expectations throughout the year.

2. Growth: To help our team become masters of their craft, we will offer unlimited communication coaching and training, daily leadership meetings, and opportunities to attend nationwide business development conferences.

3. Expansion: We are aiming to provide numerous internal promotion opportunities this year based on performance rather than seniority, allowing growth to every team member. Because our team is as inviting and entrepreneurial as you can get, we plan to grow to 4 additional markets outside of Pennsylvania before the end of the year! With all promotions being internal and merit-based, growth within our company is inevitable with the right behavior, work ethic, and commitment.

Although we understand wanting something and actually making a commitment to getting it are two different thought processes, there is only one type of behavior that is conducive to hitting goals. You may wonder “their goals are so big, but do they have the passion as a large company to see them through?” Our management team at STC Direct Philly says “YES! We have committed our efforts to make sure our team and company achieves every milestone we have set for ourselves in 2018 and know that our success will start with a strategy and end with a victory! We are prepared to see our action plan through and will get to the finish line by – you guessed it – staying committed.


Justin Sgro/CEO