How STC Direct Builds Better Entrepreneurs

Here at STC Direct, we believe that with hard work and dedication, anyone can become an entrepreneur. We pride ourselves on providing every single one of our team members with the tools they will need to do just that! The path might look different for each of us, but the end result is the same. By focusing our efforts on teamwork, professional development, and skill strengthening, we develop better business professionals and nurture budding entrepreneurs. Wonder how we do it? Here’s how:

The first step is to start with an entry-level position.

We know this might not sound ideal, but trust us it is. Starting at an entry-level position allows you to have the building blocks needed for a steady foundation. You’ll better understand the process, and what it takes as you work your way up. After all, you can’t build a tall building with an unstable foundation. Here at STC Direct, each team member starts at an entry level so they can have a rock solid foundation to build their careers upon.  Even the best of us had to start somewhere! Make your start count by learning from the best.

Next on our list is we teach everyone about sales.

In a world where everything is constantly moving, sales play an important part. Sales are more than just what we do, it’s a way of life. Being able to sell allows you to be more confident, introduces you to tons of people, and makes you problem solve on the spot. These are all qualities that will make you a better entrepreneur. Here at STC Direct, we will give you the tools needed to become a master at sales. If you think sales are complex, try running a business. Believe us when we tell you that having sales experience will prepare you to run a business…and a good one at that.

Lastly, we believe in teaching our team how to lead others.

You truly master something when you are able to teach and lead others, and we can attest to that! Here at STD Direct, we believe that becoming a leader will help you become a better entrepreneur. Not only does teaching allow you to perfect your skills, but it also gives you the perfect opportunity to inspire and teach others. In order to help you become better, we provide opportunities where individuals are able to lead their own team. This experience helps by allowing our team members to get hands-on experience with this concept. They learn to interview, recruit, master critical conversations, and other daily responsibilities business owners do on a daily basis.

With constant support, positive feedback, and the right set of tools, we feel that at STC Direct, anyone can become a better entrepreneur. It’s all a matter of having the right mindset, coupled with the right company. After all, all an entrepreneur is someone who seized an opportunity and made a decision to constantly develop on a daily basis.