How to keep your 2019 resolutions

The STC Direct team have high aspirations for 2019. Do you? We hope you answered in the affirmative because this is going to be a year filled with growth and success! We know this because our team, like most others, spent the first few days of the new year confirming our resolutions. A resolution is a goal that you are setting for yourself to accomplish in the upcoming year. Today, we will be discussing three tips on how to work towards your resolutions with intent and by building healthy daily habits. These include writing your goals down, maintaining a success-oriented mindset, and making a simple and straightforward plan for success. Are you ready to learn how to tackle your resolutions and to make 2019 your best year yet?

   Do you remember what you ate for lunch three weeks ago today? We didn’t think so. Our minds are kept so busy that it’s hard to remember the things that aren’t on our priority list daily. This means that within the next few weeks, you are going to forget the resolutions that you spent so much time focusing on today. The STC Direct team have the solution for you – write your resolutions down! When you write your commitments on paper, you are making them real and concrete. But, we challenge you to take this a step further. Create a vision board showing all your goals for the upcoming year and place it where you will see it regularly. Use this as a constant reminder throughout the year of what you are working so hard to accomplish.

   Did you know that it takes twenty-one days for an activity to become a habit and six months for a practice to become part of your daily routine? Resolutions are not meant to be easy. They are intended, however, to change your life for the better. Our tip for hitting your goals this year – don’t give up! Push through the first twenty-one days and then keep on pushing. In the words of Kevin Durant, “Talent beats hard work when talent doesn’t work hard.” Show up daily ready to work intentionally for your goals. Start each day knowing why you are getting out of bed and what you are working so hard for. Make having a positive, success-oriented mindset a habit!

   By now you have your resolutions written and posted on your wall, and you have prepared yourself mentally to stick with them throughout the year. The last thing you need to do is make a plan-of-action. A resolution is just a dream until you start working towards them. Our advice is to sit down with your mentor and lay out a plan and schedule for your success. Then, hold weekly or bi-weekly meetings so that your mentor can help you stay on track. Having an accountability partner is key to keeping to a schedule throughout the year. They will not only show you how to be successful, but they will make sure you achieve it promptly. Teamwork indeed does make the dream work!

   The STC Direct team have made some BIG resolutions for 2019! We know that to achieve them we will have to keep them in the forefront of our minds, keep ourselves mentally strong, and to stay in touch with our mentors and allow them to hold us accountable for our actions. Let this be the year that you step outside of your comfort zone and give yourself the opportunity to achieve the resolutions that you care so much about right now. You can accomplish amazing things, but you have to put in the work NOW!