Hunting for Success ?: Nate’s Story

People like Nate are rare to find – confident, self-assured, easy-going, kind, hard-working – the ultimate addition to any growing company. Entrepreneurial in his thinking and work habits, Nate fit in naturally upon joining the team at STC Direct.

Born in Goldsboro, NC to a military family who moved frequently, Nate mastered making new friends easily! When he, his mom, dad, sister, settled lastly in Pittsburgh, Nate recalls a comfortable childhood spent outdoors running around playing football, baseball, basketball, and soccer. He met his best friend at the age of 6, gained a second family and a new found love for hunting and fishing.

As he aged, Nate’s parents invested into a HR Block in the town of Du Bois – a business that taught him so many valuable skills about customer interaction, time management, and leadership that he brought to STC Direct! Starting first in client relations where he would schedule appointments and greet incoming customers, Nate graduated over time to a store management role, helping his mom with the day-to-day operations during tax season!

Pursuing baseball all throughout his childhood and teenage years, Nate was offered a baseball scholarship to the University of Pittsburgh – Johnstown and played for 2 years at a collegiate level before tearing his UCL in his elbow. Knowing he would never play baseball again competitively, Nate started investing more of his time into working with his family and picking up a second job with the Walmart Distribution Center! Motivated by financial freedom, Nate worked both jobs sometimes 7 days a week.

After a few years with Walmart with no opportunity of moving into management, Nate decided to start exploring options where advancement was more prominent. Finding STC Direct online, Nate applied and interviewed, accepted full time and relocated to Philadelphia all within 2 weeks! Since starting with the company he has been blow away by the training, leadership (especially our CEO, Justin Sgro), and the new friendships he has forged.

An avid hunter, Nate spends ALL of his free time hunting deer, bear, turkey together with his black lab, Ruger! In 2018, he aspires to grow into a management role here at STC Direct, helping our client grow into a new market and state (maybe somewhere where there’s better hunting game!). We wanted to express our gratitude to Nate for the reliability and confidence he shows at work, demonstrating to new team members that the fastest path to success is showing up everyday and believe in yourself.