Intent. A word we know the definition of, a word we likely know how to correctly use in a sentence. For many, the difficulty comes in harnessing this intent in their own life. It is not easy to take the idea of intent, the written words of intent, and create something physical from them. What does it mean to have intent? To be intentional? Does it truly matter? Here at STC Direct, we have the answers.

Having Intent

In the most simplistic terms, having intent means being purposeful. With intent, things don’t just happen accidentally for you, opportunities don’t land into your lap, one does not wake up in a new situation wondering how they got there. Intent means working hard with a goal in mind, with each decision being a purposeful one. Someone who speaks with intent has thought through their words, knows the effect of them and the power that they hold. The person with intent is a person of action, a person of planning, a person with their hands on the wheel of their own life, and a person saying, “I know what I want, I decide.” Now that we’ve clarified this abstract concept of intent, let’s talk about grasping it.

Honing Your Intent

The first step in honing intention is goal setting. Making intentional decisions means thinking ahead and being purposeful, for a reason. Think of your goals, think of what you want in life, in career, in your relationships. Now that you have that goal, think of what you can do to get there, this is where your intent lies, in the steps you will take towards that goal. You will not stumble on the road towards the future, you will walk with confident intention because you know exactly what you are working towards.

Being Intentional

Being intentional is more of a series of actions, and less of a mindset. It is the driving force behind why you do what you do. Instead if trudging into work on Monday simply because you don’t have any more sick days, you are walking in with intention, with goals for the day and the confidence needed to get them done. The unintentional person wakes up and moves through their day, with the goal of making it back home, just getting through the day. The person with intention does not simply coast through the day, they use each day as an opportunity for growth.

The Effects of Intent

Here at STC Direct, we cannot understate the positive effects of intention. Working and living with intent leads to elevated confidence, an aptitude for goal setting, higher drive in the work field, heightened emotional maturity, and a clearer presence in social and professional situations.

From all of us here at STC Direct, we wish you the best in your journey to be intentional.