Introducing Affirmations Into Your Daily Schedule ?

In life, your mindset is either your greatest ally or weakness. With that being said, we work here at STC Direct to strengthen our mental fortitude and develop more mentally sound, agile business leaders. Like a body part, we view the mind as a muscle that requires constant exercise and build-up, and like a team of athletes, we work out daily.

Earlier this year, our CEO, Justin Sgro, learned the importance of having a daily philosophy or series of positive affirmations to start your day out and implemented it in our workplace. A quote we love states that “your day is pretty much formed by how you spend your first hour. Check your thoughts, attitude, and heart.” We apply this belief to our daily routines, starting with what we do from the moment our feet the floor. If you want to develop a stronger mindset, which will automatically influence your ability to handle obstacles as a leader, it starts with daily affirmations. These are some of our favorites and personal philosophies from our CEO’s list. Mind you, these are 10 out of a list of 25 he reads to himself every morning. The stronger you get, the more reps you can do, right?!

  1. I renounce excuses – They are only for my own benefit and make me look weak.
  2. I own it –I will take credit for all success and failures. I am where I deserve to be based on my decisions.
  3. I’ll prove myself daily – Yesterday ended last night; I will prove myself TODAY!
  4. I’m the competition – I set the pace, everyone else can keep up with me. Others don’t push me, I push myself. I will never be outworked.
  5. I guard my associations – I will choose carefully how and whom I spend my time with; Only positive people that push me are allowed in my life.
  6. I choose positivity – Positivity is a choice and I will find the good in every situation, I have NO “bad days”.
  7. I have situations, NOT problems – Problems weaken me, situations allow finding a way to win.
  8. I use pressure – Pressure is a positive; it means I care and it energizes me; it puts me in my zone.
  9. I choose to be healthy – I have one body and mind; I will strive to take care of it every day by choosing healthy food, water, and exercise.
  10. I will never settle – I can and will become better; I will pursue excellence.

Like the Japanese principles of Kaizen (translated to “good change”) in the workplace, the dedication we have to improve effectiveness and satisfaction in our STC Direct team are prioritized. By constantly focusing on self-development and incremental improvements over a period of time, we continue to grow towards one of Philadelphia’s best & brightest places to work!

If you’re looking to make some personal changes at home or believe that a stronger mind will better help you tackle obstacles at work, we recommend pulling out a sheet of paper and modeling 10 ideals that you can commit to following. As you continue to repeat these to yourself on a daily basis, watch future issues that would have caused you to lose your attitude not even phase you anymore. Afterall, a high emotional intelligence and ability to handle fires without breaking a sweat is what differentiates people who achieve success and those that succumb to pressures.