Leadership and Self-Deception: A Recap By STC Direct

At STC Direct, we are a people helping people business. We know that in order to succeed as a company, we have to build our team with confidence and provide them the tools to achieve their goals. In order to do just that, we read books, attend seminars, and watch TED Talks on repeat. This month, we delved into The Arbinger Institute book called Leadership and Self-Deception, a riveting read we encourage all to read. This novel is one of our executive teams go-to books for leadership development. It forces readers to hold themselves accountable for where they are in their career and makes them question “am I an “in the box” or “out of the box” person? An “in the box” person is one where their main priority is themselves, whereas an “out of the box” person puts their needs and the needs of others on the same level. Today we are challenging you to sit down and self-evaluate. Are you being the leader that your team needs in order to succeed?

No one wants to admit that they have an “in the box” mentality. In fact, we open this discussion not to pass judgment but to enlighten. We want our readers to evaluate where their mindset is currently and come to an honest realization where their strengths, weaknesses, and self-interests lie. An “in the box” person believes that they are the center of the day, situation, problem, etc and that their needs are superior to others. They see others as objects and tend to have a lack of commitment, trust, and poor emotional / communication skills, which means they generally have conflict within teams.

An “out the box” person understands that they are not the most important person in the room. In other words, they realize that other people have feelings, hopes, fears, and needs and those have to be taken into account. They see people as people, not possessions. They make it a goal to reach out to team members and help them succeed personally and professionally. They are motivating, hardworking, and always thinking of the collective group over their individual wants. Though we would all love to say that we have an out of the box mentality, most of us see the world through a lens of our own agenda.  

As we stated earlier, at STC Direct, we focus on the team as a whole. We know that in order for ALL of us to be successful, we have to work together. Leadership and Self-Deception forces us to look in the mirror. Are we all talk or are we actually doing what it takes daily to lead our team to their goals? Are we prioritizing others feelings or our own needs? In order to be a positive influence and to succeed professionally, you have to mentally stay out of the box! You have to take real accountability for your reactions, and perceptions, and attitude and evaluate what you’re great at and what needs improving when it comes to dealing with people and conflict. Our recommendation is to read this book in full and start paying attention to how you respond to life and its highs & lows. Do you look in the mirror for accountability or out the window for blame? Good luck.