Making Sacrifices & Overcoming Loss: Lessons I’ve Learned Over Time

There are a few lessons in business that are vital to success I think everyone learns at some time – sooner hopefully than later. The first being you have to give in order to take. The second being challenges will come; get ready for them, and the third being that hard work and self-motivation are crucial to professional development.

Making Sacrifices

It goes without saying that success doesn’t come without sacrifice. As Bill Gates says, “I never took a day off in my twenties. Not once.” Sacrifices come in different shapes and sizes: working weekends, staying late to hit a deadline, missing events with friends, and waking up earlier to get more done, and each is a conscious decision. They’re uncomfortable, sometimes painful or saddening, but always necessary. In my time as the CEO of STC Direct Philly, I have made sacrifices to work late nights and have missed some time with my daughter, all because I know the choices I made today will allow me to have even more choices in my career in the future. “Pay now, play later” as the saying goes.

Overcoming Challenges

When my father died 4 years ago, I was utterly lost. I was trying to figure out how to deal with my loss and still run a business and nothing could have prepared me for this unspeakable pain. However, knowing that I was going to face challenges at some time in my life/career and that I was strong enough to overcome them and land on the other side was my saving grace. Whether your challenge is a manager you don’t click with or dealing with the loss of a friend or family member, know that you are stronger than you think and to find success in your career, you’re going to have to be able to compartmentalize and use your hardships as fuel to do better at work.

You Can’t Get Anywhere Without Working Hard

When I talk about hard work at STC Direct Philly, I don’t mean putting in your 40 hours and clocking out at 5 on Friday; I’m talking hall of fame, obsess over your craft, live, eat, and breathe your work. Work ethic is something I’ve learned can’t be taught; some people understand the concept and most people don’t. Something else I wanted to share about excelling in a career is that you have to be able to motivate yourself. Unfortunately, there won’t be someone with you every minute of the day to give you pep talks and pat you on the back, so you have to learn to become your own cheerleader and motivator. Your mindset and internal motivation are what sets you apart.

In my time at STC Direct Philly, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the brightest, highest educated, and personable individuals, but without hard work, the ability to make sacrifices, and self-motivation, the growth potential is slim. If you’re an upcoming graduate just getting into the workforce or a seasoned professional looking to grow faster at work, I hope this blog aids you in your development. Afterall, we can all stand to be better and work harder for our future.