Management Training Jobs King of Prussia

STC Direct is growing rapidly with increasing demand for our services from our clients.  Accordingly, we look to expand into 6 additional U.S. markets in the next year and are currently hiring a Management Trainee to help us do so. With extensive training in business management, sales and marketing, and team leadership, the goal is to prepare successful candidates to manage the operations of an independent business office. 

STC Direct’s Management Training is broken down into four phases to ensure successful development and growth among team members:

Phase 1 – Entry Level

Through our 100% hands-on in-house & in-store training, Entry Level Trainees will learn how to effectively communicate with clients and customers. To be promoted to Account Management, trainees must learn product knowledge and the training systems that our company utilizes. STC Direct looks for our Entry Level candidates to be able to maintain a student mentality, positive attitude and demonstrate consistency in sales and marketing.[/expand]

Phase 2 – Account Manager

STC Direct’s Account Managers organize detailed presentations, handle objections, and are responsible for new customer acquisitions. Along with field training, Account Managers are given the opportunity to take on more of training, leadership, and mentoring roles within the organization. Greater responsibilities they assume include leading business trips, campaign updates, and overseeing/developing a small sales team of 5-10 people.[/expand]

Phase 3 – Assistant Manager

STC Direct’s Assistant Managers are given one-on-one training with the CEO & President to learn how to organize company and campaign meetings, as well as overseeing campaign management. Assistant Managers also learn business administration, social media, human resources, and small business accounting. This final step in training is vital to being a successful Manager within the organization and capable of overseeing different departments and operations.[/expand]

Phase 4 – Manager

Once someone has successfully held every position and demonstrates that they have developed the necessary skills to represent a client, they will have the opportunity to become a Manager. Duties include the daily operations of an individual office, recruiting and managing a sales team, which services new and existing clients. Because our Managers have successfully held every position beforehand, they are able to easily lead and coach teams from their own experience. Not only do Managers continue hitting goals for clients and expanding the organization, but also enjoy the benefits as a full operating partner with full profit-sharing, and strong corporate benefits.