STC Direct Philly Presents Our Newest Assistant Manager, Emma

There’s a lot to be said about the caliber of individual who moves into a management position here at STC Direct Philly. Hard-working, ambitious, dedicated, resilient – our list could go on and on. All flattery aside, the road to an executive level position within our company is one of extreme commitment and care and is made for the creme of the crop – the “Emma’s” of the world.

Born and raised in Virginia Beach, Emma Hand grew up a precocious child and the youngest of parents now married almost 40 years. A long distance runner, she spent her childhood and teenage years on tracks and trails after joining her middle school’s cross country team. Learning the importance of stamina and discipline from athletics, Emma realized that it’s not those who run the fastest, but those that are steady and reliable who win the race (literally and figuratively) in life.

A National Honor Society member, Emma garnered attention early on as 1 of 4 in her class to receive an invitation to join the state of Virginia’s Governor School. Enrolling in college classes as a sophomore in High School (impressive, we know!), Emma studied Marine Sciences and Mathematics and enrolled at Virginia Tech as a freshman with 64 credits already under her belt.

An entrepreneur at heart, Emma switched her focus from math & science to business, finally choosing a major in Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Technology. From 2011-2014, Emma was extremely active in the business school and Greek Life joining the social sorority Alpha Chi Omega. The leadership and communication experience Emma gained from class and going Greek helped her tremendously in her previous responsibilities as a Team Lead. Now as our company’s newest promoted Assistant Manager, we’re certain they’ll be used hourly (haha)!

After graduating in 3 1/2 years, Emma returned home and began volunteering at a local haven shelter. Less than a year had passed when Emma was offered a position as the Shelter Manager, helping young women with domestic violence and sexual assault prevention awareness. It was there she learned to spearhead campaigns and perfected her ability to inspire and motivate others towards a common goal.

After realizing that non-profit work wasn’t going to be a long-term career for Emma, she started interviewing for jobs in Richmond and landed her first role within the marketing/sales field. Work then transferred her to Philly, and when a friend told her they were interviewing with STC Direct and how much she would like it, she submitted an application immediately.

In just 9 short months, Emma first role as an entry level sales role quickly moved into a Team Lead position, and now today she accepts her most recent promotion as an Assistant Manager. Within 3 months, she looks to help the company promote a second Assistant Manager (as growth is the name of our game in 2017), and by this time next year, she looks to have helped STC Direct Philly expand into a new city.

When Emma isn’t working and receiving promotions in record time, she likes to hang out with the team she oversees to learn more about their interests both inside and outside of work. A cinephile, you can also find her catching the latest movie at the theater, or lacing up her sneakers for a good run at the gym.

Her easy-going, down-for-whatever attitude made her the total addition to our team last year, and she still continues to surprise us with her progress and poise. Emma, we couldn’t be more proud of you and this massive milestone in your career. We hope your celebration today is as special as you are and that you know this promotion is just a small testament to your current caliber and future capabilities. Bravo!

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