Why Sales?

Many things come to mind when someone thinks about a career in sales – some good, some bad, and some completely outside of what sales really are. STC Direct Philly specializes in direct sales, which simply means we meet with our customers face-to-face, rather than relying on indirect forms of contact such as email, billboards, flyers, etc. Even in the technology-driven world, the best relationships are still built in person!

The thing most often misunderstood about a career in sales is that you have to be a “pushy salesperson” to be successful. Sales are about fostering relationships with others and developing your business, and personal, communication skills, not about bullying customers into making a buying decision. Regardless of the industry, sales are the foundation of every business and the starting point for many, if not all, of the managers or owners of each company.

Here at STC Direct Philly, our team understands that sales are crucial to their growth and that they must each master the art of sales before progressing in their careers. Yet, each one of our team members has a goal that is much bigger than sales….and that is why we succeed; sales is not the end-all for anyone in the company. Here are a few reasons why our team has chosen the sales path:

  • Freedom to Control Your Life: A lot of people want to be their own boss, receive a nice paycheck, and have the ability to spend time with their friends and family. Contrary to popular belief, sales allow this to happen quicker than any corporate 9 to 5 will. A career in the sales industry can lead to a great life of the freedom to choose what you do with your time.

  • What You Learn During the Path to Management: Our ultimate goal is to develop managers that are able to oversee successful teams. In order to do this, one must learn how to manage themselves, customers, clients, emotions, time, meetings – the list goes on. Sales teach these things at a more rapid, expedited rate than most other industries.
  • Job Security: Sales over a smile and a handshake will never get old, go away, or be shipped overseas. As long as you work hard, generate results, make people smile, and work with integrity, you will always have a job in sales!

  • FUN: If you are the type of person who would rather be active throughout the day rather than stationary, sales is an extremely fun career choice! The people you meet, the experiences you have, the friends you make – it’s all invigorating and different every single day.

There is so much more to be said about how getting into sales can be beneficial, but if you are someone who desires the above four things, we highly recommend this path. Even if you do not make it your lifelong career, the things you learn along the way will benefit you anywhere you choose to go! Good luck from our entire team here at STC Direct Philly and happy selling!