Hunting for Success ?: Nate’s Story

People like Nate are rare to find – confident, self-assured, easy-going, kind, hard-working – the ultimate addition to any growing company. Entrepreneurial in his thinking and work habits, Nate fit in naturally upon joining the team at STC Direct.

Born in Goldsboro, NC to a military family who moved frequently, Nate mastered making new friends easily! When he, his mom, dad, sister, settled lastly in Pittsburgh, Nate recalls a comfortable childhood spent outdoors running around playing football, baseball, basketball, and soccer. He met his best friend at the age of 6, gained a second family and a new found love for hunting and fishing.

As he aged, Nate’s parents invested into a HR Block in the town of Du Bois – a business that taught him so many valuable skills about customer interaction, time management, and leadership that he brought to STC Direct! Starting first in client relations where he would schedule appointments and greet incoming customers, Nate graduated over time to a store management role, helping his mom with the day-to-day operations during tax season!

Pursuing baseball all throughout his childhood and teenage years, Nate was offered a baseball scholarship to the University of Pittsburgh – Johnstown and played for 2 years at a collegiate level before tearing his UCL in his elbow. Knowing he would never play baseball again competitively, Nate started investing more of his time into working with his family and picking up a second job with the Walmart Distribution Center! Motivated by financial freedom, Nate worked both jobs sometimes 7 days a week.

After a few years with Walmart with no opportunity of moving into management, Nate decided to start exploring options where advancement was more prominent. Finding STC Direct online, Nate applied and interviewed, accepted full time and relocated to Philadelphia all within 2 weeks! Since starting with the company he has been blow away by the training, leadership (especially our CEO, Justin Sgro), and the new friendships he has forged.

An avid hunter, Nate spends ALL of his free time hunting deer, bear, turkey together with his black lab, Ruger! In 2018, he aspires to grow into a management role here at STC Direct, helping our client grow into a new market and state (maybe somewhere where there’s better hunting game!). We wanted to express our gratitude to Nate for the reliability and confidence he shows at work, demonstrating to new team members that the fastest path to success is showing up everyday and believe in yourself.

5 Productivity Tips from STC’s Direct Philly’s President

We’ve all been there: you feel like you’ve been working all day but have accomplished very little. The real question is what are you working on and is it helping you accomplish your daily objectives? Here at STC Direct Philly, we focus on maximizing productivity. I have come up with my 5 main productivity tips designed to help those who are looking to accomplish more tasks and the right tasks on a daily basis!

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1. Have excellent time management.

What is something you can never get back? Time. If you feel that there aren’t enough ​hours in the day or that you don’t have time to even take a break, you’re doing it wrong. Schedule everything (even your breaks – yes you should take those! I recommend a 10 min break after 90 min of interrupted work). Consider using free tools, such as google calendar or todoist, to help you stay on track.

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2. Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize!

Are you putting your big rocks first? Some of you many understand this saying, others may wonder what rocks have to do with priorities. For the latter group, I’ll catch you up to speed. If you were to try to fill a jar with a combination of big rocks and little rocks, you would have to put the big rocks in the jar first before the little rocks. The big rocks represent you high priority tasks and the little rocks are of low priority. (Dr. Steven Covey explains it best in this video)


3. Know your purpose.

If you have a clear understanding of your purpose and your “why”, you’ll notice an increase in the quality of your work. When we have meaning behind what we do, it’s amazing all that we start to accomplish.


4. Start with difficult.

Do the most difficult task you have for the day first and then everything else in the day will seem like a breeze. Mark Twain said it best, “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” Thanks for the slimy metaphor, Mr. Twain!

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5. Optimize your commute time.

Instead of stressing and thinking about the day ahead, listen to an audiobook while on the way to work. Respond to emails on the train. Talk on the phone while you walk. You can get quite a bit done during a 30 minute commute time!

Implementing these 5 productivity tips has made a vital impact on my professional life as a small business owner. I have found that it doesn’t take long to make changes that count towards increased productivity at work. Do you have your own productivity tips that have aided in your career success? Let us know!

STC Direct Wins National Sales Recognition for 10th Consecutive Quarter

STC Direct - Campaign Cup Winners - 03062017


KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa., Feb. 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — STC Direct, a premier sales and marketing company, won a national sales award for their performance during the fourth quarter of 2016, as well as the overall year, marking their tenth consecutive win.

Led by President Justin Sgro, STC Direct continues to exceed sales targets and provide high-quality results to the client. As the top-performing office on their campaign nationwide, the company’s consistent achievements have earned the quarterly “Campaign Cup” trophy for 10 straight quarters. Winning recipients of the Cup are selected quarterly based on leading statistics and quality achieved for the client.

“Winning this recognition again is exciting for our team, as it acknowledges our ability to provide the client with excellent service and superb results,” said Sgro. “Our future is bright, and we anticipate great things in 2017 and beyond.”

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Identifying Your WHY Is Equal to Your Success

STC Direct - Identifying Your WHY Is Equal to Your Success

Why do you wake up early in the morning? Why did you apply the job you have now? Why did you take the course you are pursuing now? Why did you open the kind of business you have? Why did you get married? Why do you live in the State or the location you do now? Why did you buy a car? Why do you need a new phone? Why……….

In life, you realize that every action is be followed with a why. However, most people do not see the importance of this question, “WHY”. Getting into action is much easier than to stop and reflect. It is important to notice the significant of the WHY part in everything we do. It is the base for all our actions and it determines a great percent of the outcome. Most actions are taken as a routine or unconsciously and this is the reason why most fail. With a clear picture of why, one is more likely to have a positive result.

Knowing why you are doing what you are doing becomes your motivation. It helps you plan for your next move. This is a lesson learned by many when it’s too late. Knowing WHY you want to start a business, for example, puts you in a much better position to succeed. Your WHY becomes your GOAL. It is the TARGET that you want to achieve. It is the GAP that you want to fill. Without a WHY, you will be acting blindly. Picking and dropping anything that is on the way. One basically has no direction, if they have no WHY.

A person without a WHY lacks the motivation. Their focus is easily diverted. Their determination dies quickly. This is a confused person. They lack a stand. This is a person who opens a business simply because they have the capital. This is a person who goes ahead to graduate with a second degree without even an idea of why they enrolled for the first one! It is people like these that earn millions and can’t account for even half of it. Your WHY makes you a better planner. One sees the whole future if they know why they are doing whatever they are doing. You don’t live just for today, rather, for even fifty years from today.

The dangerous part of taking on something without having a WHY is that you end up wasting too much time. You waste too many resources, too much energy. You go through too many frustrations and loss. It can be compared to starting your car without an idea of where you are going. You can go on a long journey, only to realize that that is not the direction you should have taken. Your WHY is your map. You can never get lost if you have your WHY. It is the driving force. It gets you out of bed in the morning. It actually becomes your alarm. It is a compass that shows one which way to go.

One might be living a false dream if they have not determined their WHY yet. You might spend over ten years in a profession that you don’t even like. It takes just a moment of reflection for one to realize whether the life, the jobs, the careers, among others, fits into their WHY. Missing this crucial part of one’s life is the main reason why people quit their jobs after doing them for a long time and start a whole different line of a career. Take a moment and evaluate yourself and identify your WHY. You might just save yourself some future regrets. Your success is determined by how fast you identify your WHY.


Leader Spotlight – Shmuel Mischel



Meet Shmuel Mischel – One of STC Direct’s Top Leaders

Hi, I’m Smuel Mischel and I’m an Account Manager at STC Direct. I’m originally from Highland Park, NJ. Prior to working at STC Direct I worked at IDF, doing Global operations private security. I chose to work at STC because of the opportunity that they provide for me. I love the amazing atmosphere and relationships that I’ve created here. One of my goals is to open my own marketing office in the STC Direct organization, and potentially even become an influential political actor. Being an entrepreneur, while being the most difficult thing you can do, is also the most freeing and rewarding experience anyone can have.

In my spare time I enjoy Krav Maga and MMA, Reading, and Politics.

Resiliency – Motivational Video

You can write everything down if you want to. Be brave enough to write down every one of your goals, but life is going to hit you in your mouth so your WHY has to be greater than that knockdown. If it was easy, everybody would do it, and if life’s got you backed up, start fighting back with everything you have. When your WHY is greater than the punches that life throws, greater than defeat, greater than the trials and tribulations you must endure, you will succeed. But IF your WHY isn’t strong enough, you’ll get knocked out every single day. Resiliency.


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