Founded in 2012, STC Direct is a rapidly growing marketing & sales firm servicing the greater Philadelphia area. With a niche in face-to-face customer acquisition in a retail-based environment, STC Direct is hired by a portfolio of telecommunication, fiber-optic, entertainment, and cable/satellite clients at the top of their respective industries. With a unique ability to reach a client’s target market face to face, foster brand recognition, and acquire quality customers, STC Direct has grown threefold…and counting!

With the help of Philadelphia’s finest talent, STC Direct works tirelessly to bridge the gap between client and consumer that is created by mass marketing. When billboards, commercials, radio ads and telemarketing fail, STC Direct communicates with customers one-on-one in a concise, personalized, and understandable manner. By providing clients with an efficient, professionally trained marketing & sales team, STC Direct continues to gain a reputation as a goal-driven, results-oriented local business.

By outsourcing marketing & sales, clients are able to reduce risk and labor costs associated with hiring and training. They entrust the relationship-style marketing & sales approach of STC Direct to improve their visibility and the entrepreneurial minded team to increase their reach nationally. With goals of expanding 6 times over the course of the next year, STC Direct provides unique advancement opportunities that groom and develop the future leaders of the firm.

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