There’s a lot to be said about a career at STC Direct. 

» Careers here are resume shaping, offering both professional and personal development.

» Careers at STC Direct are motivating, people-centric, and entrepreneurial driven.

» Careers here are life-changing, developing individuals into well-rounded, thoughtful leaders.

The energy when you walk into our doors is buzzing. Our people work with passion and purpose, and with a business model built off of internal promotions, careers = longevity here. Challenging work, hands-on management team, energetic co-workers – these are just a few things to expect when accepting a position at STC Direct. Whether you just walked the stage and are looking to get your foot into the workforce or are an established professional looking for a career change, opportunities are plentiful here.

Qualities we seek most include determination, reliability, a positive attitude, ambition, and humility. With growth at the forefront of our mind, each individual hired is a vital cog in the wheel of our company’s development. The team means more than the individual here at STC Direct.

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